A philosophy based on respect and sharing is fundamental in our approach of the management of the marinas and cultural sites entrusted to our care. We’re committed to sustainable development and innovation. We want to bring out the best in our marinas and to protect our cultural sites, in close cooperation with the inhabitants. 

> Enough space for everyone

In our various ports the staffs priority is to serve the public, whether they are professional sailors at the Pôle Course or the occasional boater.  

To ensure that everyone can enjoy this public maritime space and to provide enough well protected [safe] berths, we have fine tuned new port services. A wide range of options like the “dry port” leaves more available space on the water. 

> Innovative registration 

“You know your navigation plan, we will help you to find a place to stay” 

Flexible and adaptable contracts for any period, at any marina: whether it’s for the whole year or just a week long holiday. 

Innovative registration systems (boat code, telephone service) enable navigators to sail free and without worries, cherished values for sea-lovers. 

> Encouraging navigation

To further accommodate the boats that sail the most, we have created the Passeport Morbihan. A real means to promote cruising, this unique formula in France is highly appreciated by sailors. The large choice of marinas within the network make navigation and finding a place to stay for the night easy. 

> Community involvement

Yacht clubs, users associations and companies dedicated to water sports are our everyday partners. Their activities throughout the year contribute to the lively and dynamic atmosphere of the marinas. 

The Compagnie des Ports supports many nautical and family events, like the "Spi Ouest France", the Semaine du Golfe, the Rally “Passeport Morbihan” and the second hand boat show “Mille Sabords”. 

> Respect for the environment

The Compagnie des Ports conceives and implements various measures to take good care of the environment. The marinas in the Morbihan are located in a setting of rare natural beauty and we take care to treat it with all the necessary care and respect. 

Solutions to store boats ashore, like dry stacks, but also adapted material and procedures for waste water and hull treatment, have a positive impact on the eco system.  

Various outreach operations are directed towards boat owners: information campaigns, posters, the operation “life beneath the pontoons”, electrical boats, distribution of waste bags for mixed waste collection, setting up environmental guidelines in cooperation with the organisers of  events and manifestations.

We comply with the certification guidelines ISO 14001 since 2006.

> Keeping history alive

Combining different approaches, taking new viewpoints, stimulating a lively approach to archeology, always in line with the latest scientific discoveries, but still leaving room to feed your imagination. This is the way we explain to the public the history of our monuments and cultural heritage, one of many reasons why visitors come to discover the Morbihan.