Since the 8th of November 2012, the organisations Sagemor (Société Anonyme de Gestion du Morbihan) and the mixed Syndicate of the ports and nautical centres of the Morbihan have joined forces in a new structure: the publicly owned local collective of marinas in the Morbihan (SPL – Ports du Morbihan).

This publicly owned enterprise, created as such by the Conseil General (regional government) of the Morbihan is responsible for the maintenance and management of twelve marinas and four tourist sites. 


     -    Locmiquélic
     -    Etel
     -    Port Niscop – Belz
     -    Port Haliguen – Quiberon
     -    La Trinité sur Mer
     -    Arradon
     -    Port Blanc en Baden / Ile-aux-Moines
     -    Le Crouesty – Arzon
     -    Hoëdic
     -    Arzal-Camoël
     -    La Roche-Bernard
     -    Foleux

Cultural sites:

     -    Cairn du Petit Mont – Arzon
     -    Cairn de Gavrinis – Larmor Baden
     -    Village de Poul Fétan – Quistinic
     -    Gîtes de Manéhouarn – Plouay

The structures behind the publicly owned organisation managing these marinas of the Morbihan are the following:

     -    The regional government of the Morbihan departement, the Conseil Géneral (CG)

     -    The collective of communes of Foleux (Syndicat Intercommunal de Foleux)

     -    The collective of communes of La Roche-Bernard,

     -    The town of Quistinic.

* The governing board is composed of 18 members who represent the local stakeholders. The departement of the Morbihan is the principal stakeholder of the organisation. Its president François Goulard, is also presiding the Conseil General of the Morbihan departement. No stranger to the sea himself, president Goulard is a former State secretary of the Sea and Transportation. 

This collective administration between the government of Morbihan and its local partners provides for the preparation and success of the decision making process related to investments and the service offer. 

Because of this approach and because of its knowledge and expertise, SPL - Ports du Morbihan can fulfil its mission of public service, always on the lookout for ways to innovate and adapt to market developments and changing consumer expectations. 

The SPL – Ports du Morbihan contributes actively to the tourism, as well as the cultural and economical environment of the Morbihan by means of an ambitious and well thought out investment policy. It aims to reinforce the appeal of the region to boating people by means of an image of the Morbihan based on quality hospitality, authenticity and respect for the environment.