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12 marinas in the Morbihan

The association “Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan” is a publicly owned organisation dedicated to the development of nautical facilities in the south of Brittany. Famous for its excellent sailing conditions, the Morbihan is the 1st ranking nautical department in France

Port Haliguen

A large marina, open to the ocean

1150 moorings of which 1070 places at pontoon (PH1 : 252 places of which 26 are reserved for fishermen – PH2 : 818 places of which 110 visitor spots – Vieux Port (Old Port) : 80 traditional places (dry by low tide))

8621 visitor nights 

Technical equipment

Craning services (boatlift 35 ton – mobile crane for above deck rigging – crane with hammock system  – Slipway – dedicated zone for below the waterline treatment – floating mooring zone – pumps for waste – and bilge water


Wifi – shower blocks and toilets – laundry service – bike rental –mixed waste collection and treatment – station-carburant – sailing school and diving school

Free entry at the Quiberon Museum (Musée de Quiberon)

Nautical events : Cobaty Cup – Course des Îles – Régate des oursons – les voiles classiques – the Rush Cup – les trois phares – European Championship of sailing

Staff :

12 permanent staff, 8 extra seasonal staff

The port of Haliguen-Quiberon is a large and well organized marina, facing the open sea and the islands of the Bay of Quiberon. It’s a popular stop-over at only three miles from the famous passage La Teignouse, named after the lighthouse that marks the entrance to the Bay of Quiberon. 

This harbour offers its visitors a complete and up-to-date package of services, including a state of the art lifting system that can ensure craning services for boats over 14 metres.

The proximity of the town of Quiberon is not just practical for daily needs, but also makes for plenty of entertainment throughout the year. 

The ‘Maison du Phare’ is an exhibition space for local artists who showcase their latest work. To visit it makes for a pleasant walk along the old harbour (Vieux Port).

The general project of restructuring Port-Haliguen will make the marina more attractive by modernising the equipment, improving the quality of the services and enlarging the capacity with 120 extra moorings. It is at the same time an ambitious project to reconnect the town of Quiberon with its port. Important in the approach to achieve this, are improvements regarding the traffic circulation, parking space, foot paths, shops. 


Restructuring and redesigning the marina Port Haliguen Quiberon (berthings – water management – quays)

Improving the sheltering capacities of the port

New state of the art craning facilities with pit and a new crane with security on the open ground which will enable technical assistance for larger unities. 


The port of Arradon

A Paradise for the holidays, a stopover to enjoy

330 moorings (119 places at the pontoon and quay, 211 places on moorings/for anchoring) and 160 places on land with the Nautical Base of Arradon

907 visitor nights 


Slipway – Mooring area


Wifi – shower blocks and toilets – laundry facilities – Free shuttle boat service between the village and the marina during tourist season – water taxi


3 permanent staff -  4 seasonal staff

Nautical events:

French championship Finn class – Morbihan championship catamarans - Catagolfe – multigolfe tri speed cup


The service is constantly improving tourist facilities, for example at the Pointe d’Arradon by creating more parking space, reorganising the traffic flow, building a new  visitor reception point. Around this, there will be created a new public footpaths, so discovering this lovely port-town by foot will be more pleasant than ever.

It is a place for interaction, for shopping and for leisure, for open air events and of course nautical events which many people can enjoy. 


Updating the anchorages. 

Changing the pontoons and gangways. 


Clip – Vilaine Bay

A culture of sailing

The estuary of the Vilaine river provides an excellent natural setting for all sorts of water sports. Discover its different marinas in this video: Arzal-Camoël, La Roche-Bernard and Foleux.

Sailing in the south of Brittany

In the south of Brittany, the coast of the department Morbihan boasts a large choice of navigation areas. This region has a reputation for its excellent sailing conditions and the diversity in its landscapes.  


Most harbours developed naturally, blessed by excellent geographical circumstances. When cruising the region, you can find a wide range of possible stop-overs; each with their own unique characteristics.


The Morbihan owes its fame in part to its dynamic coast. Because of the economic importance of water sports and nautical industry for the whole of France, the south coast of Brittany has been baptized “Sailing Valley”. 


Its many marinas play an important role in this dynamic. They represent the attraction and the development in this coastal region and they contribute immensely to the local economy and cultural life (manifestations, sports events). 

The presence of a marina can be an asset for the town, but the way it is managed determines its success: a port well maintained, high quality leisure activities, good care of the environment...

As many Morbihan ports are located in the centre of towns, the investments made (pontoons, workshops, offices) contribute to the entire town economy, it helps sustain traditional activities and it sustains the history and culture in landscape and buildings.   

The Compagnie supports joint projects related to the crafts of the sea. It puts in contact different players: tourists, fishermen, professional sailors and yachtsmen. It develops all sorts of cooperation: between professionals, associations and government institutions.

The Port of la Roche Bernard

Marina at the heart of a characteristic Breton town

563 berths (431 at the pontoon, of which 335 at Port Neuf and 96 in the Vieux Port;  108 moorings in the river: 21 at the Férel side, 80 at the Marzan side and 7 at the side of La Roche Bernard. Another   24 berths on land at the quay and 200 places at the open ground on the Marzan side of the river)

1664 visitor nights


Craning facilities on both sides of the river – Slipway – Anchoring zone – Zone for hull treatment – Dry stack


Wifi – shower blocks and toilets – water taxi

Year round open sailing school

Large offer of leisure activities: guided tours – workshops circus arts – partnership with local restaurants including special offers and free extras 


5 permanent staff – 2 extra personnel during season

At the southern limits of the Morbihan, the marina in La Roche Bernard is as charming as one could imagine. Located at the shore of the river Vilaine, right at the heart of an historical trading town. Once moored in La Roche-Bernard, labelled as a ‘petite cite de caractère’ (a small town with character), all waterways lie open: heading to open sea at Arzal-Camoël or sailing upstream to Redon, where you can continue on the inland waterways as far as Saint-Malo, Pontivy or Nantes. 

One of the strong points of this harbour is the fact is has craning facilities on both sides of the river and a large terrain for dry stocking on the side of Marzan. 

In the management of this marina, a balance between the berths in the water and those at land is essential. 


Enlarging the technical area and the service offer 

Creating 200 extra places for dry stacking at Marzan

Reorganisation of the port area to enhance the dynamic with the town


Port de Foleux

A countryside port

369 berths (270 berths at the pontoons, 99 moorings of which 23 on the Béganne riverside, 41 on the side of Péaule and 35 on the side of Nivillac)  

795 visitor nights


2 slipways – hull treatment zone – anchoring zone – craning possibilities on both sides of the river


Shower blocks and toilets – open air dish wash facilities – mixed waste collection and treatment – Wifi – trolleys for transport of heavy luggage and large articles – rowing boats to cross the Vilaine and have access to moorings – water taxi 

Bakery service during season - partnership with local restaurants including special offers and free extras – free visit of monumental site


2 permanent staff – 2 seasonal staff

In the middle of nature, upstream from La Roche-Bernard, the marina of Foleux is really a countryside port. This is a perfect place to have your boat stored in winter: perfectly sheltered it offers a personal welcome and a high level of technical services. In Summer it’s a very pleasant place to visit as well, giving access to the waterways of the eastern Morbihan.  

The Compagnie is working to further enhance this marinas capacity, for example by creating extra toilet and shower blocks at the Nivillac side of the river. 


Creation of a pass way pedestrians to Trévelo 

New service and sanitary buildings on the Nivillac riverside

Renewing the moorings


The Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan

The association “Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan” was conceived in 2012 by the regional government of the Morbihan department to manage and commercialize the regions marinas and to protect its monuments. 

In this innovative solution the Compagnie, as a publicly owned organisation, is in charge of the management of the port sites, exercising at the same time the roles of investor and operator.

It underlines the regional governments long term commitment to invest in the future of the marinas and to develop the local economy. 

The Compagnie takes on this mission in the service and interest of the local stakeholders, the economic importance of the twelve joined marinas for the Morbihan is not to be underestimated. 

In total the Compagnie represents 8 054 berths in the water and another 1 857 berths on land. Its president is Mr François Goulard, the president of the Conseil Général (the departmental administration) of the Morbihan. The board of administration consists of local politicians. This direction allows the Compagnie to invest and to stimulate the economic, touristic, social and cultural development of the marinas, all in the interest of the participating towns. 

This approach reinforces the capacity to invest, to maintain quality and to guarantee the best choices as the Compagnie is both responsible for the daily management and the investments. At the same time the Compagnie offers and develops technical services to private boat owners: dry stacking options / workshops / maintenance)



Social capital : 3.020.061€
Annual turnover : 20.750.000€ 
Planned investment between 2015 and 2019 : 60.000.000€
Capacity : 9914 berths (8057 in the water and 1857 on land)
Network “Passeport Escales” : 92 marina’s / more than 17,000 adherents

Clip – the Gulf of Morbihan

A precious setting

The Gulf of Morbihan is a protected interior sea, an enchanting stop-over where you will likely want to stay for several days. Our different marina’s (Arradon, Ile-Aux-Moines, Port-Blanc-Baden) are a great starting point to discover this inland sea, that is listed among the world’s most beautiful bays.

When visiting the area, you will discover the hospitality of the local people, businesses, private and public sector organisations alike. The ferry service that is offered to sailors is but one example that illustrates how much we value service quality.

L’Ile-aux-Moines | Port-Blanc

Dream stop over at the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan

424 berths in the water (Port-Blanc Baden – 110 berths: 28 at the pontoons and quay, 82 on moorings; at the island Ile Aux Moines 314 berths: 132 at the pontoons and quay, 182 places on moorings

3454 visitor nights


Slipway – Anchoring zone


Shower blocks, toilets, sink and washing space - laundry (self-service) – Water taxi


3 permanent staff – 11 seasonal staff

Nautical events

The Semaine du Golfe (classic boats, once every two years) – many regattas

These two joint harbours (one on each side of the channel) don’t fall dry by low tide and offer a well protected mooring for vacationers in the Gulf of Morbihan. 


The marina at Ile-aux-Moines was completely renovated and improved in 2013, which has clearly improved the facilities for boaters and the many other visitors that come to the island all year round. 

Bois Bas-Baden: one central workplace for the Gulf

Still in the project phase is the plan to offer complementary services to all the marinas in the Gulf (dry stack – hull treatment area). This would be concentrated at Bois Bas-Baden as an additional service package available to all of the marinas around the Gulf.


The Crouesty marina

A modern marina with a large range of services

1832 berths (1432 places at the pontoons – 110 places on land – 60 places on « upgraded open ground » - 180 places in de dry stacks – 50 places at the nautical platform of Redo)

13833 visitor nights


Craning facilities adapted to most sizes of yachts (60 ton lift - 30 ton crane – mobile platform for in and out of the water - hammocks) – slipway

Hull treatment zone – technical zone with self-service electrical power 


Wifi – Internet and computer facilities – Shower blocks and toilets – laundry rooms (sale of washing powder) – mixed waste collection and treatment – fuel station – large parking reserved for boaters – black water pump – taxi service

Nautical events

Boat show “Mille Sabords” (outdoor, second hand boats)

Le Printemps du Crouesty - Le Grand Prix du Crouesty


17 permanent staff – 19 seasonal staff

Largest marina in the Morbihan with its 1432 moorings on pontoon, its dry stack and many technical facilities, it is one of the main ports along the Atlantic Coast. 


Every year the boat show ‘Mille Sabords’, largest second hand boat show in Europe, is taking place at Port Crouesty. Throughout the year countless regattas make the pontoons bustle with excitement and boost the economy on the Rhuys Peninsula.   


Its location in the town of Arzon, a large beach resort that is both authentic and modern, contributes to the popularity of this marina as a stop-over.

Crouesty is a modern marina that caters to all kinds of boats and boat lovers. Together with the town of Arzon, where it’s located, the port continuously works on enhancing the quality of its berths and services. One of its ambitions is to install new equipment especially for classic boats and maritime heritage. 

The marina of Crouesty also creates new services and contracts with the industrial zone of Rédo to cooperate with the local professionals in the nautical industry. 

Priorities are security, access, parking space, the quality of the berths and handling of the boats, the shops around the harbour – all key elements for the satisfaction of the visitors and clients of the marina.

At this moment the open ground around the harbour masters office is reconfigurated to make it more attractive. 


Renovation of the harbour masters office and the area around

Construction of the zone Redo  III:  recycling centre –hull treatment zone – storage area

Adjusting the pontoons in the east basin


Port d'Hoedic

A charming port 

155 berths of which 115 at the port of Argol (80 moorings and 35 places at pontoon) and another  40 places at the port de la Croix (35 places on buoys and 5 along the quay)

5915 visitor stays 


Slipway  - Anchoring zone


Shower blocks/toilets/sinks –mixed waste collection and treatment


1 permanent staff, plus  1 extra person during the season

Nautical events

Many regattas

The charming port of Hoëdic, tranquil island in the Bay of Quiberon, has benefited immensely from a new pontoon that offers 40 extra places in total (installed in 2011). The small port at Argol  has been dredged.  

In 2015 a new visitor building will see the light, which will enhance the service offer for the people that use the port of Hoëdic. There will also be the creation of an extra 20 moorings in the port of Argol. 

In the longer term the shelter at the port of Argol will be improved, in line with studies that have already been undertaken to the subject. 

The objective is to secure the boats that are anchored and moored in the marina and as such to make the port more attractive all year round. 


Maintenance and dredging in the port of Argol

Maintenance of structures at the port de la Croix


Morbihan is also ...

The sunny south coast of Brittany has a lot to offer to visitors...

-   2 500 hours of sun per year

-  vast stretches of cycling and walking trails in a diverse landscape (cliffs, sandy beaches, forests, typical Breton bocage, medieval towns, menhir fields)

-  a large choice of local delicacies: the Tome (cheese) de Rhuys with chestnuts, Andouille de Guéméné (sausage), the incredible variety in Breton pastry, cider, honey, canned fish, fruits de mer, crêpes and galettes (traditional pancakes)… 

- any kind of water sports: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, pirogue, canoeing, stand-up-paddle, sea canoeing, diving... 

- histories of blazons and swords at the castles of Suscinio and Josselin, mysteries of witchcraft and magic between the ancient menhirs and in the forests of Brocéliande.

Port de La Trinite-Sur-Mer

Un port de référence pour la compétition, les régates et les loisirs nautiques

2020 places (1070 places sur ponton et à quai – 180 places corps morts –260 places sur terre-plein portuaire et Kermarquer – partenariat à Saint Philibert pour 510 places sur port à terre et port à sec)
8370 nuitées d’escales – 11500 nuitées manifestations nautiques
7283 nuitées de passage hors manifestations nautiques

Zone de manutention adaptée (élévateur 50 tonnes- grue mobile 30 tonnes) - Cale de mise à l’eau - Aire de carénage – Port à sec - Terre-plein technico-sportif avec potence électrique en libre-service

Wifi – blocs douches/sanitaires/bacs à laver - laverie –prêt de vélos – collecte sélective et traitement des déchets - distribution automatique de carburant– parking véhicules gratuit sur le site de Kermarquer – pompe à eaux noires et grises

Manifestations nautiques
Le port de La Trinité sur Mer a toujours eu la culture des manifestations nautiques
Grands rassemblements européens de voiliers habitables y sont organisés : SPI Ouest France – Tour de Belle Ile – Armen Race
Régates de voiliers d’exception : Championnat du Monde des 8MJ

19 personnels permanents – 15 saisonniers

La Trinité sur Mer bénéficie du cadre superbe de la rivière de Crac'h, d’un plan d’eau magnifique en toutes conditions de vent et de mer.

Le port de La Trinité sur Mer a vu s’amarrer à ses pontons les plus grands noms de la voile qui sont venus s’y entraîner et s’y installer.

Véritable symbole de la montée en puissance de la plaisance dans les années 70, le port s’est développé et est devenu au fil des années la référence dans le domaine de la voile et de la compétition.

Ce port accueille les grands monocoques et multicoques de course océanique. Cette vitrine technologique confère à La Trinité sur Mer une attractivité touristique incontestable.  Il suffit simplement de citer le dernier venu en 2014 : Spindrift.

Le port de La Trinité sur Mer doit conserver son avance dans la performance sportive et être un pôle d’excellence pour l’accueil et l’amarrage des grands bateaux de course.

Les investissements choisis permettent d’exploiter cette image du port. La renommée des grands coureurs et la beauté naturelle des lieux doivent être entretenues.

La Compagnie travaille depuis toujours en lien étroit avec la municipalité et la SNT sur des actions d’animations notamment sur le soutien et l’organisation de manifestations nautiques de haut niveau.

De plus, avec le nombre important de bâtiments construits sur le domaine public maritime, l’urbanisme et l’architecture sont des sujets essentiels pour la vitalité du port.

Un projet global de requalification du port se poursuit en lien étroit avec la commune.


Aménagement du front de mer
Réorganisation du terre-plein technique et des locaux commerciaux
Zone technique de Kermarquer

Site du port

Le réseau Passeport Escales.

Il y a 30 ans, le Morbihan et la Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan ont inventé ce concept unique dans l’univers de la plaisance qui encourage la mobilité des bateaux dans les ports, favorise le partage de l’espace public et le développement des escales génératrices d’activité pour l’économie locale.
Le principe est simple. Les plaisanciers déclarent leur avis de croisière et bénéficient de nuitées d’escale offertes en récompense de leurs déclarations d’absence. Les ports optimisent ainsi la gestion de leur plan d’eau et accueillent plus de bateaux de passage.

Initié par la Compagnie du Morbihan, se développe à l’international, sur la façade Manche Atlantique, en Angleterre, en Espagne et en Italie...
En 2014, il compte 91 ports adhérents.


Port d'Etel

Historical fish port in an exceptional setting 

460 berths, of which 442 at the pontoons and quay and 18 moorings

827 visitor nights


Craning zone  - Slipway -Anchoring zone


Shower blocks/toilets/sinks – laundry facilities (self-service) – trolleys for equipment (self –service) – mixed waste collection – Discount on the local museum (Musée des Thoniers) 


5 permanent staff – 2 seasonal staff

Nautical events

Trade fair around trailer boats

Regattas Lorient Etel

The harbour of Etel is characterised by its famous ‘barre’, a large sandbank at the mouth of the river Etel. This historical fish port has preserved its authentic character, while at the same time offering modern instruction facilities in water sports, especially aimed at children and young adults.

Around this historical fishing village and along the shores of the Ria d’Etel there is ample choice for possible walks and bike rides.

In close cooperation with the town we are maintaining the marina and the landscape around it (seaside, quays, shops). The investments and services should benefit both the yachtsmen as the tourists that come to enjoy the area. One of the project is the restoration of the old life boat hangar.  


Restoration of the hangar « abri du canot » (life boat shelter)

Enlarging the marina and renovating the harbour masters’ quarters


Marina of Arzal-Camoël

Technical marina dedicated to yachting

1479 berths (971 places at the pontoons and at the quays – 188 moorings – 320 dry stack berths)

2310 visitor nights


Different craning facilities (35-ton lift – mobile crane for rigging - cradle) -Slipway – Hull treatment zone - Anchoring zone – Dry stacks


Wifi - Shower blocks/toilets/sinks  - laundry facilities (self-service) – bikes available – waste water and oil pumps – fuel station


14 permanent staff– 2 seasonal staff

The marina in Arzal-Camoël is the sweet water port of the Atlantic coast. It’s here where the river ‘La Vilaine’ meets the dam that separates it from the salty waters of the Gulf of Biskay. Just downstream of the marina are the locks that allow ships to pass the barrage. 


In this marina your boat always has water under its keel, thanks to the barrage. 

The marina of Arzal-Camoël extends to both sides of the river Vilaine, each side in a different town. As a result of its location at the periphery of the touristic areas in the Morbihan, the marina of Arzal-Camoël has specialised itself in technical services. Having ample space for a true technical platform, this port offers a complete range of technical service (storage, maintenance, renovation works, repairs...)

There is also a wide range of shops in and around the port area, so boat owners can find anything they need for the maintenance of their ships. 

The port is developing more and more services (sanding area, under water ship treatment, slipway) and contracts with boat owners that allow for a more flexibility and mobility of the boats, to further stimulate the dynamism of this marina. 

Priority for the local businesses and organisations, private and public sector alike, is to improve your navigation experience on the river Vilaine and to make the passage of the locks as smooth as possible.  


Enlargement of the technical zone on land and development of the offered services

Additions to the technical zone 

Restructuration and extension of the floating pontoons 

Installing a new lift


Port de Locmiquélic

Cosy and comfortable

744 berths all together (591 places at the pontoon and quay and 11 places on moorings – 130 places on moorings in an AOT – 12 dry stack)

2937 visitor nights 


Slipway –Hull treatment zone –Anchorage zone 


Shower blocks/toilets/sinks – laundry facilities (self-service) – bikes available – trolleys for equipment (self –service) – mixed waste collection – free parking for vacationers – craning options (service provided by external professionals) 


6 permanent staff – 5 seasonal staff

Nautical events

National Championship Pogo - Duo Cat Amania

At the heart of the harbour mouth of Lorient, only a few stone throws away from the citadel of Port Louis, Locmiquélic is appreciated for its calm and laid back atmosphere. Once moored, the visitor can explore the charms of this small coastal village, be it a foot or using one of the bikes at your disposal. 

The port management is pursuing a dynamic approach, working closely together with other marinas in the Lorient Harbour area. 

The renovation works will do justice to the informal style that this port is known for, it is a friendly and welcoming place where the staff makes it a priority to make guests feel welcome and always listen to the needs of the marinas users and vacationers.  


Extension of the marina

Renovation of the harbour masters office

Requalification of the shelter wharf “Môle de Sainte Catherine”